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About Mozart Radio

Mozart Radio... dedicated to Mozart's Divine music

Mozart Radio station was created with one thing in mind, to play Mozart all day.

We are a free radio dedicated to Mozart and his divine music.

Our media library consists of Mozart works masterfully performed by a variety of artists, choirs or symphonies.
The range covers pieces from the many genres of which Mozart was a master, including
Classical, Baroque, Symphonic, Piano, Concertante, Chamber, Operatic,
Choral, Sonata, Serenades, Orchestral, Church and Keyboard music.

Our current library comprises of approx 700 recordings and is updated regularly.

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Our radio is a simple service spreading Mozart's wonderful music.
Dedicated to Mozart, one of the greatest musicians in the world!

Appreciation & Gratitude

We would like to deeply thank our listeners, friends and business associates
for tuning into our radio and supporting our operation.


Mozart Radio station is a free radio.
To cover overheads and expences we may advertise when necessary.
In many countries we are commercial free but in some like US, France, Germany, Spain,
Belgium and a few others we may introduce adverts, max 2min spots twice p/h.
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Biography W.A.Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 27 January 1756, Austria – 5 December 1791

Mozart was a child prodigy. At the age of five he composed his first minuets and at age six he performed before the Empress Maria Therese.
In 1763, led by his father Leopold, Mozart went on tour to Paris and London, visiting many courts and also played for the French and English royal families.
He composed his first symphony in 1765 and three years later his first opera.
Although his career had much promise many became disappointed with his work. Unlike Haydn, Mozart did not agree with the patronage system.
After his patron, the Archbishop of Salzburg, dismissed him he became a musical freelancer.
Mozart found it hard to find suitable work for a composer with the skills he had, because of his rebellious attitude.
He made his living by teaching, publishing music, and playing at patrons houses.

In 1781, Mozart met Haydn and they soon became good friends.
Haydn was one of the most influential composers of his time and Mozart admired him and was influenced by his music style.
Haydn’s quartets acted as models for Mozart, who also used Haydn’s four-movement plan
compared to his earlier quartets, which only contained three movements.
In 1784 Mozart and Haydn were joined with two other prominent composers of their time and formed a string quartet.
And in the following year Mozart held a party in honor of Haydn and played all six Haydn quartets, composed by Mozart.
Unfortunately, at a young age of 35, Mozart died.

Mozart was one of the three prominent composers of the classical period with Franz Haydn and Ludwig van Beethoven.
These three composers together are known as the masters of the Viennese School.
All three of them studied and composed their music in a time of experimentation.
They examined the different uses of the major-minor system and then capitalized on the possibilities.
From this came the ideal form, the sonata.

Mozart is among the most enduringly popular of classical composers and perhaps the greatest musical genius in Western musical history who ever lived.

Our radio is dedicated to Mozart, one of the greatest musicians in the world!

- The Divine Mozart -

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All Day MOZART radio... simply classical, simply... Mozart!
...simply, Mozart Radio station is one of the best radio stations available today playing Mozart
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― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart quotes
“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.”
“Forgive me, Majesty. I am a vulgar man! But I assure you, my music is not.”
"It is far easier to play a thing quickly than slowly; some notes may then be dropped without being observed. But is this genuine music?"
― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1778

a simple radio, simply classical, simply... Mozart!
created with one thing in mind... to play Mozart music all day.
Mozart Radio... Mozart daily - a Mozart Only Radio Station - - simply divine

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